Care Sheets
The Collective


Shipping Rates –Most shipments are running from $30.00 -45.00 depending on its destination for overnight shipping to anywhere in the Continental United Sates.  Please inquire with Zip Code for shipping quotes.  Thanks to our recycle re-use efforts @ Healthy Geckos we are not charging for shipping  materials at this time so we are passing our savings on to you.
(most shipping boxes and Styrofoam insulation are re-used)

Shipping Method –We ship our animals  through Ship Your Reptilesby way of Fed Ex.  Package is guaranteed by Fed Ex to arrive by 10:30 am to most areas. If you live in an outlying area or further you may receive your geckos by noon or by the end of that days delivery which is 7:00PM   Geckos are shipped contained within individual mobile gecko containment units (deli cups) which are packed in 1/4-1/2″styrofoam insulated boxes. The box is also filled with packing material to insure a safe journey.

Shipping Conditions –Geckos will only be shipped if weather is acceptable  during transit at any point on their journey(40 –90 °F).   Shipping is  scheduled Monday –Wednesday. We will use heat packs as necessary.

Payment –We accept USPS Money Orders,PayPal,and Personal Checks. Geckos will  be shipped after full payment is received and personal checks are cleared.  After payment is received we  will contact you  to confirm your shipping address as well as  a preferred date to ship.  Once your geckos shipment is scheduled you  will receive a shipping notification and tracking number.

Guarantee –Please be at the specified shipping address to receive your package. We Guarantee geckos to be alive and healthy and in excellent condition on arrival. Geckos must be received upon first delivery attempt by Fed Ex. If they are not delivered by the first attempt the longer they are subject to adverse conditions.  Fortunately over the last 10 years we have never lost any reptiles in shipping  or receiving.  Monday –Wednesday we ship out at 5:00PM and in most causes the geckos are @ your door by 10:30am,within 18 hours. Due to  the great condition of our animals and our packing job we can guarantee safe delivery within 42 hours in transit when temps are between 45°F-90°F. Please be home for first delivery attempt. The quicker they can get to you the better for them. This 42 hour guarantee need only apply to our costumers in remote locations or should the package get lost.

Please be assured great customer service is our top priority aside from the health and well being of our animals.  We would like you to be satisfied with your purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before or after your purchase.

International Orders –Unfortunately for the time being we are only accepting orders within the Continental US and Alaska