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Please checkout our Available geckos album on our Facebook, Spyker Exotics for current availability.

I have a bunch of virgin hold backs and young breeders that have NOT been power fed or bred (3-5 year olds that have only been pair up a couple times and have NOT been bred every year since they where a year) so they are very capable of lay for you if properly cared for.  There are 35-40 animals I need to move .All are $50.00+ shipping. I will do deals on multiple animals purchases and you will save on shipping

I am motivated to move these as I need the time,space and finances for other projects and family. wholesale inquires are welcome if you would like to purchase 5 or more animals my wholesale price is 18.00 ea.

If you would like to purchase a particular gecko please email us through our contact page to reserve your gecko.


het raptor leopard geckos

het raptor leopard geckos

Price:$ 45.00

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