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Welcome to Spyker Exotics

I have been keeping and working with many different animals my entire life, and don’t see that changing any time soon. I have a passion for all animals and love the natural world and all it’s intricacies. I have been keeping reptiles for over 15 years.  Beginning my interest in reptiles with geckos I have dedicated much of this time to keeping and breeding various species over the last decade.

I’m  having a terrible time finding time these days to keep this site updated. please checkout our Facebook page Spyker Exotics for current available animals.

Leopard Gecko Morphs:

We are in the process of trimming down our leopard gecko collection to make room for other projects. We will continue to work with these great little geckos,  and will continue to offer top notch high quality leopard geckos.

Red Stripes/ Bold Stripe/ Reverse stripe/ Patternless Stripe
Het Aptors/RAPTORS
Striped  Bell Albinos


If you are looking for any high quality geckos of these morphs don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call @ 360-524-1657 we would love to hook you up with a healthy well started leopard gecko.  If you are looking for anything specific let us know and we would be happy to get you pictures of certain animals.


Our Goals
Our main goal at Spyker Exotics is to produce the healthiest,most well started offspring possible.   We  produce quality not quantity.   All of our animals are beautiful and unique to us.  We love sharing our passion for these creatures and hope to teach you about them and the natural world by bringing a small piece of it into your life.  We wish to be helpful and informative to you,  by providing all the necessary information to best to care for your new animals,  both before and after purchase.

Exotics Consultant
I have worked with a diverse group of reptile and amphibian species for over 15 years.  I also have 10 years experience working with all kinds of birds.  From the tiny strawberry finch all the way up to the large macaw species.  I helped manage a couple small finch breeding projects as well as  hand- feeding,  raising and socializing  various parrot species for The Animal Company.  Over the years I have compiled a lot of first-hand knowledge.  If you are a first time reptile owner,a full “scale” reptile breeder,are thinking about getting a parrot or exotic pet  or already own many,  I love talking animals.  One of my passions is sharing my knowledge. My goal is to help you best care for your animals with proper husbandry,  habitat setup,  feeding and animal enrichment.
Though I am attracted to the more exotic pets out there and many can make great captives. I don’t condone keeping large mammals such as the big cats bears and apes,they do not make good pets and need to be cared for by qualified organizations

Recent Updates

8/24/13 –Continued renovation of the old garage into the new reptile facility. 432 square feet of reptile space.  complete with poured concrete floor with floor drains,spray and misting system,hard wired timers,exhaust fan and central vac system. just now finishing up on the framing next is the electrical and insulation.


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Available updates
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Future Projects
Pretty much everything. ;)